Supply Chain Track

Supply Chain Track

Supply Chain Track.

95 hours


Arabic and English



This course introduces the concept of supply chain management and evaluates the core fundamentals of logistics within commerce. From corporate giants to small businesses, product manufacturing industries operating within all verticals constantly strive to optimize logistics and operations techniques and practices. In addition to identifying supply chain trends and evolution, the relationship between domestic and foreign goods supply is explored.


Course Curriculum

    Module 1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management.
    Module 2. Operations Planning & Control.
    Module 3. Procurement, Negotiation & Suppliers Management.
    Module 4. Warehouse Management & Material Handling.
    Module 5. Projects & Operations Management.
    Module 6. International Trade, Shipping & Logistics Management.
    Module 7. Sales & Marketing for Supply-Chains.
    Module 8. Finance for Supply-Chains.

  • Language Arabic and English
  • Sessions 19
  • Exam Yes
  • Duration 95
  • Level Beginner
LE 6000 LE 10000

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Supply Chain Management