Human Resources (Human Capital ) Track

Human Resources (Human Capital ) Track

Human Resources (Human Capital ) Track.

90 hours


Arabic and English



The HR track is created for anyone who wants to work in the field of human resources management, regardless of their level of experience, whether they are recent graduates, entry-level employees, middle managers, or senior professionals. This track offers the necessary knowledge acquisition and skill development.

Each track module is created to focus on the many competencies of a skilled Human Resources professional under the guidance of international and domestic standards.


Course Curriculum

    Module 1. HR Strategic Management

    Module 2. Recruiting & staffing employees.

    Module 3. Employee benefits &Compensation.

    Module 4. Egyptian and International Labor Law.

    Module 5. Human resources compliance.

    Module 6. Organizational Management

    Module 7. Human resources information and payroll.

    Module 8. Employee training & development.

    Module 9. Performance Management

  • Language Arabic and English
  • Sessions 18
  • Exam Yes
  • Duration 90
  • Level Beginner
LE 6000 LE 10000

Limited Time Offer

Human Resources (HR)