Civil Engineering Track

Civil Engineering Track

Civil Engineering Track.

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Arabic and English



This program aims to impart the necessary civil and structural engineering skills, and all the theory covered is tied to a practical outcome. This program avoids too much emphasis on theory. The lecturers presenting this program are highly experienced engineers who have worked in the civil and structural engineering industry. 


Course Curriculum

    Module 1. Project Start-Up and Close-Out Practices

    Module 2. Effective Construction Coordination and Management

    Module 3. Construction Techniques and Methods

    I - Factors Affecting Construction Method Assessment

    II - Construction of High-Rise Buildings

    Module 4. Optimization Techniques for Decision Making in the Construction Industry

    Module 5. Stakeholders Management in the Construction Industry

    I - Code of Professional Ethics for the Construction Manager “

    II - Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction & Development “

    Module 6. Economic Management of Construction Equipment

  • Language Arabic and English
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  • Exam Yes
  • Duration 0
  • Level Beginner
LE 6000 LE 10000

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